Castile Soaps

Olive Oil

Cruelty Free

Natural and Organic

Butters, Spices, Essential Oils

So clean

So clean

Pretty Baby Naturals

& natural

uses only the best

natural ingredients

& natural

Mother Nature's Skin Care

No Parabens or Sulfates

No Petroleum or Animal Products

No Animal Testing

Cruelty Free

Natural, Organic, Luxurious

Cruelty Free

No Animal Fats

No Preservatives

No Petroleum Products

Water Based

Plant Based

Vegetable Based

Hand Made Products

Family Tradition

Family Business

Natural and Organic

Soap Making Folk Art

True Customer Service



soap makers

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The making of homemade natural soap has become, for us, a folk art,steeped in family tradition…

we are in our fifth generation of soapmakers.

Welcome to Pretty Baby

T he making of homemade natural soap has become, for us, a folk art, steeped in family tradition… we are in our fifth generation of soapmakers…Terrianne Taylor made her first bar of soap over half a century ago.   Pretty Baby Olive oil, castile soaps are long lasting and cruelty-free, using no animal fats, no preservatives, and no petroleum products.

We use NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO petroleum or animal products and NO animal testing

O ur handcrafted lotions are wonderfully emollient – they repair your dry, damaged skin without a trace of greasiness!  We also personally formulate and hand make the most incredible talc free powders, water soluable creams, polishing salts, oils, shampoos,  shower gels and so much more.

Totally Natural, Green and Organic

O ur products are made with hand picked and carefully chosen natural ingredients like Shea and Cocoa butters, herbs, clays, esssential oils, goat’s milk and fortified with Vitamin E, Saponified Olive, Palm Kernel, and Coconut oils. This makes a luxurious, thick, rich, lather that is dense and penetrating, with character and richness in every bar.


What Our Customers Are Saying…

I love your products! So clean and natural and they smell wonderful! I’ll be sure to order again. They will also make great Christmas presents! Thank you!
Sheryl C. - Guyton, Georgia

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